“Aequitas testimonia tua in aeternum intellectum da mihi et vivam.”Parallel Latin/English PsalterThy testimonies are justice for ever: give me understanding, and I shall live.

At this time, I appreciate also this (shortened) quote: “Da mihi intellectum et vivam.” — St. Alphonsus de Liguori. Give me understanding and living.

This wasn’t about mind versus heart, nor is faith versus reason at all a true dichotomy. Rather, it’s intellect and will. The struggle is concupiscence, in both ‘secular’ and ‘theological’ denotations.

Why must you spend your aching nights, contemplating this caged bird, chirping gaily? You say, “He sings to be freed.” She replied, as she murmurs beyond your sight, “He sings to remind me. I, too, will be home.”

I decided I didn’t want chemistry. Art’s more me, I figured. Who cared for tradition, not me. I’d create a new me, a new path. I’d become a trailblazer. So what if it’s lonely. I’d sit in a hall of fame someday. I’d find a writer, illustrate her stories into light novels. Make my own […]

Came up to a pathway facing a domed, pillared open-aired temple-like structure. Heard voices in the luminescent dark; trees half-circled around the temple-dome branching outwards in a crescent, evergreen at centre and highest moving into deciduous towards the tails. The wind rustling through the trees, the temple-dome on a slight slant, not quite a hill, […]

Aren’t you cute. Poking through the books in this shop, so shy, incredibly timid, aren’t you? You want to check out the new release, don’t you? Just ask those university kids to step out of your way. But no, you’re too polite. It’s why I’m not telling you who I am. Yeah, I’m your bestie […]

Red. Not too much red in this shop. It depends on the shades, luminosity, not only the hue. It’s exquisite. There’s other colours abound here. Maybe if I sit at a table and chair here, I can pretend it’s a desk. Maybe in a classroom, in a large lofty tower, rising to amazing heights. Dizzying […]

Christianity is a religion with an emphasis of taking example by the unfortunate peoples affected by the dynamics involved in social relations. Social justice, when applied to the distribution of opportunities within societies, is a calling embedded deeply into Christian conscience.

I am not my mother’s keeper,
Nor fulfillment of her dreams.

I pray, someday she’d learn to see
I’m not her pathway to God.
Her life depends not on me.

This; poison of her womb
Despite her, strives to light
Grows on, past sweetest night.
I move with life, remaining strong,
Dreaming with her father’s sight.

I’ve a confession to make. Revelation was a book I disliked immensely before tackling this topic. Orality studies reminds me that even if we tried to trace to the original context, what’s a thing to think about is how the experience could move and shift — hence one of performance criticism’s contributions to biblical studies. Something […]